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What to Expect on Your First Visit

Your initial visit will begin with a consultation. Dr. London will take a case history and ask about your present condition.

Next, we will perform an examination to evaluate the nature of your problem. This examination generally includes a series of basic physical tests, as well as a specialized chiropractic evaluation of spinal movement and posture.

If necessary, we may recommend X-rays or diagnostic tests to obtain further information about the mechanics of your spine and the details of your condition.

After completing the analysis, we will explain your problem and map out an appropriate plan of action with you. If necessary, you may be referred to another health care specialist for further evaluation or treatment. Doctors of chiropractic work with a variety of health care professionals in the best interest of their patients.

We will discuss your care plan with you, taking into consideration your health habits, stress, and activity levels.

Over the course of your care, we will monitor your individual response and may also recommend changes to your lifestyle, work environment, dietary, and exercise patterns.

Frequently asked questions:

Q:How does chiropractic correct my spinal problems?

Following consultation and examination, a program of care will be designed and customized to your specific needs. This program is centered around the chiropractic adjustment, a method of treatment unique to chiropractic, which corrects spinal subluxations and dysfunction. The primary goal of an adjustment is to improve spinal alignment and motion, thereby relieving nerve irritation, pressure, and pain.

You may feel immediate improvement after an adjustment, although most people experience gradual, progressive relief of symptoms. Since adjustments restore motion to previously locked joints, ligaments and tendons begin to stretch back to their normal length. This lengthening may cause slight muscle soreness similar to that brought on by rigorous exercise. If you experience these sensations, be assured that within days you’ ll likely be enjoying the benefits of improved spinal motion with less pain that results from a healthier spine. For the best results, follow the plan that London Family Chiropractic recommends for you.



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We accept most insurance plans. However, if you have limited coverage, or none, we have affordable plans to help you and your family achieve the best results with chiropractic care. Please call our office for more information.