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Feb 20

Chiropractic Improves Quality Of Life For Pregnant Women According To Study

Chiropractic care improved the quality of life for pregnant patients in a study published by the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal, & Family Health on Feb. 4, 2013. The authors note that “It has been estimated that approximately 76% of chiropractors practicing in the United States provide chiropractic adjustments to pregnant women to address pregnancy-related complaints, […]

Feb 11

Can Cold Laser Therapy technology assist you?

I’m thrilled to announce that our office is now equipped to perform State-Of-The-Art “Cold Laser” therapy.

Feb 9

ADHD Drug Warning – Chiropractic : A Proven Alternative

CBS NEWS: New study shows increased cardiac risk for children on ADHD medicines. Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports that studies have shown chiropractic care and dietary changes to be beneficial alternatives to ADHD medications that increase the risk of sudden death by 600 to 700 percent.

Jan 23

Watch how chiropractic can restore an infant’s nervous system…

Please watch, this is a beautiful demonstration of how chiropractic can restore an infant’s nervous system gently without any undue invasion, drugs or surgery.