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May 20

Dr. London’s Teething Report

Every child goes through it, but with a little additional information it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Teething usually begins at four to five months but can start as early as three months. Since it can take anywhere from three hours to three weeks to see results, the symptoms can sometimes be misdiagnosed.

Apr 4

10 Reasons Parents Take Healthy Children To Chiropractors

Some adults may wonder why more and more children are starting to see chiropractors. That’s a good question and the answer is simple: whether we have a large spine or a tiny little spine, if that spine is creating nerve distress then our magnificent bodies may not operate smoothly… The nervous system is the ‘Master […]

Mar 13

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) promotes the following breastfeeding guidelines…

. Breastfeed during the first hour after delivery. . No supplements (such as water, glucose water or formula) should be given to breastfeeding newborns unless needed because of a medical condition. . Newborns should be fed whenever they show signs of hunger, such as increased alertness or activity, mouthing or rooting. Crying is a late […]

Mar 13

Should You Get a Flu Shot?

Every year just before the weather turns colder, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention begins an advertising campaign geared toward motivating the masses to get the flu vaccine. They talk about the number of deaths each year that are attributable to the flu and the number of missed work days that cost employers hundreds of thousands of dollars. This year, that campaign will likely be even more urgent due to outbreaks of the “swine flu” virus, which have spread from one country to the next in the past six months or so.